Noise Assessments

Does your business require a workplace noise assessment? Workplace Safety Consultants can conduct an assessment of your entire workplace. This is to ensure that everyone in your workplace is protected from the risk of noise related hearing loss.

If your business operates a noisy workplace environment, then workplace noise assessments are an effective way to ensure potential noise hazards are identified, evaluated and controlled. The noise levels permissible in workplaces in regulated by Safe Work Australia. Compliance with these regulations is therefore required to reduce the cases of noise-induced hearing loss.

Workplace Safety Consultants can conduct workplace noise assessments and where necessary help develop a noise reduction strategy.

Under the Work Health Safety Legislation an employer must ensure that its employees are not exposed to noise greater than the noise exposure standard, which is an average of 85 dB(A) for 8 hours, or to any instantaneous noise in excess of 140 dB(C). Note that noise exposure approximately doubles with every 3 dB. For example, the noise exposure standard is exceeded after 4 hours at 88 dB(A) or 15 minutes at 100 dB(A).

A noise assessment must be conducted when there is uncertainty about whether or not employees are being exposed to excessive occupational noise. An assessment involves measuring noise levels generated by machinery and processes, as well as the levels received by the worker’s ears. Additionally, noise assessments can provide valuable information for controlling noise.

Any employee who is required to wear hearing protection must also have an audiometric test every two years under the new WHS Regulations. Additionally, audiometric testing must be conducted within three months of employing and new employee for at risk groups to establish base line hearing levels.

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