Contractor Management


It is best practice to develop and maintain a Preferred Contractor List, to provide a pool of Contractor’s who can be engaged, and have the necessary experience and skill to perform the contract work safely for your company.


Inclusion on the Preferred Contractor List will be contingent on the Contractor providing appropriate information, which shall as a minimum include the following;


• Proof of Public Liability Insurance Cover and where applicable other insurances specific to the work.
• Proof of current WorkCover Authority registration or Income Protection;
• Identification of person within organisation responsible for Work Health Safety;
• Summary of Work Health Safety Procedures and instructions or processes e.g. WHS Management System;
• Safe Operating Procedures / Job Safety Analysis or Safe Work Method Statement relevant to the tasks being performed.
• Evidence of the required licences or certification are obtained and kept current on file (12 monthly).
• Statement of Agreement to work within the remit of any and all appropriate WH&S requirements;


The appointed Company contract manager shall review and record each Contractor’s WH&S information to ascertain whether the Contractor’s systems are of an appropriate standard. The contract manager will review and confirm any details of the technical aspects of the work that need clarification including appropriateness of the risk analysis of the work activities to be performed.


Once the work and the need for a Contractor have been identified, the contract manager will identify appropriate Contractors from the preferred contractor list who are suitably qualified and hold the appropriate certification to perform the work.


At the commencement of the work the contract manager will induct the Contractor by communicating any requirements as specified in accordance with company specifications regarding WH&S matters that may be relevant to the work. The induction must be completed before the Contractor starts work and must be signed off by the Contractor. The Contractor induction is current for 12 months.
The Contractor is required to complete and provide a Job Safety Analysis or Safe Work Method Statement which is specific to the work being performed. Ensure the contractor holds the required Licensing and Permits to perform the work safely and within Work Health Safety Legislative requirements.


Wherever reasonably practicable, a site induction should be undertaken to confirm the contractor is aware of any site specific hazards.
If it is not reasonably practicable to undertake a site induction, you must reinforce to the Contractor the importance of conducting (and documenting) a pre start hazard identification (risk assessment) before beginning work.


During the course of the work, we must monitor and inspect the work practices of the contractor. It must be confirmed with the contactor that you have the right to interrupt the work if the approved safety standards are not adhered to or the work is not being conducted in accordance with supplied documentation.
The monitoring may be conducted against the Job Safety Analysis or Safe Work Method Statement provided by the Contractor.


All records relating to Contractor Management must be recorded and kept for future reference.

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